Game Dev on Windows platforms

After spending days researching on what is the best system to build 2D or 3D game I came upon Unity. For Windows platforms it’s a weird time as MS just scraped XNA, now where do we go to make games?

Unity is an amazingly powerful and easy game development system, it is great for both 3D and 2D development. But its best feature is that with almost no effort you can publish across Windows Phone, Windows 8, IOS, Android and others.

It’s a standalone IDE that you can get from All the features needed to develop for Windows platform are free.

Once installed its pretty simple, there are many tutorials on how to develop either for 2D or 3D online.

*As an added bonus you can code the script of the game in C#, so no new languages needed.


Some tutorials I found helpful to get started.

MSP Summit at the Imagine Cup

It’s been an amazing week at the Imagine Cup, going from talking to MS directors about the latest tech and the way forward to Racing across Seattle is teams from over 60 Countries.

The competition is truly international and I have had the fortune of experiencing cultures from across the world.

So one major thing to take from this is what is Microsoft’s future. We’ll I believe Microsoft has always had a bright future but now I’m sure of it.

  • They are going back to what made them.
  • They Windows, Xbox and Windows phone teams are now one.
  • They have also unified there marketing and finance teams, speeding up interdepartmental communication.
  • Other stuff also but I cant disclose that, you know NDA.


So as an MSP there is no better time to help MS and grow the brand and help people from across the world especially students!!!! Microsoft offers free Dev tools to all students and free Virtual academy. If you don’t know how to access these offers please comment and I will reply with all you need 🙂

I also want to give a shout out to the Australian team that won the Imagine Cup, Well Done !!!!

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