Game Dev on Windows platforms

After spending days researching on what is the best system to build 2D or 3D game I came upon Unity. For Windows platforms it’s a weird time as MS just scraped XNA, now where do we go to make games?

Unity is an amazingly powerful and easy game development system, it is great for both 3D and 2D development. But its best feature is that with almost no effort you can publish across Windows Phone, Windows 8, IOS, Android and others.

It’s a standalone IDE that you can get from All the features needed to develop for Windows platform are free.

Once installed its pretty simple, there are many tutorials on how to develop either for 2D or 3D online.

*As an added bonus you can code the script of the game in C#, so no new languages needed.


Some tutorials I found helpful to get started.

Dreamspark the start for a student

Sadly in a world were you want to develop in the big leagues when you are still at varsity, it’s hard to compete with limited funds. Happily Microsoft has levelled the playing field(Kinda).

Firstly the SDK and developer tools(Visual Studio Latest) are all right there to download.  Due to the fact the Visual Studio is by far the best ways to develop for Microsoft products it helps that we can use it freely and get the best for our APPS. 

Software catalogue:

There is many other helpful software there to so go check it out and enjoy.

 The other main benefit of Dreamspark is full publication for both Windows Phone store and Windows Store!!!! 🙂 

This is great as you don’t need to put anything down to show of what you got! , It gives you total peice of mind that all you need is an IDEA, and I love that!!!!

Please contact me in the comments if you would like to organize an account and start sharing your IDEAS with the world.