Grow tech with YouthSpark

The Microsoft YouthSpark program aims to take the youth to IT and show them what’s possible.

Their mission is to bridge the gap between kids that have access to training and those that don’t. With over 75 million unemployed youth around the word, and millions from my home country (South Africa) I truly believe that this can help million=s understand that IT is not impossible no matter your background.

The project started in 2012 and aims to reach 500 million students across the world, with over 30 programs and more that 350 youth serving nonprofits. They have entrenched themselves in communities all over. These projects will start and Primary school and head all the way to Tertiary education.

Project examples:


As you can see these range from basic Computer skills to higher level IT, meaning that it can impact and help almost anybody as nearly every career will need basic IT training and this can be very expensive and might mean driving(or walking) long distances.

  • So if you would like to take part and spread the news in your area go to:


And see where you can helpJ

  • If you want to utilizes this mountain of skills please try the programs and see more at

All Programs

Let’s use this amazing initiative to get everybody’s IDEAS and potential out there no matter where or who they are!!!

Here are some of the people YouthSpark has helped or helps:

YouthSpark Stars


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